When Should I Start the HCG Diet?

31st Aug 2011

You are ready to commit to weight loss with the Official HCG Diet Plan. Congratulations! That is the first step. Now, when should you start?

If it’s around the holidays, you may want to consider starting the diet after they are finished. A lot of times, people ask us if they can cheat on special occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is your choice, but cheating on the HCG diet can set you back more than you might think. Waiting until after the holidays might actually help your chances of success.

If you are a woman, do not start your HCG diet drops until you finish your menstrual cycle. Your body’s hormone levels are a little abnormal during the menstrual cycle, so waiting until it is finished will give the body a chance to “even out,” so to speak. 

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