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What if I Get Hungry?

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What should I do if I get really hungry? We are frequently asked this question by people who are thinking of starting the HCG diet. We know 500 calories a day doesn’t sound like much. However, if you take the proper amount of HCG drops daily, you should not get hungry. This is because your body is getting extra energy from the abnormal fat that it burns.

Some people report a feeling of fatigue when they first start the diet. This should pass quickly. There will be a short period of adjustment for your body. If you do become hungry, you might be taking the wrong dosage of HCG drops. Also, write your daily food intake down.

That way, you can make sure that you aren’t overeating or under-eating. Both of these will throw off the diet and could cause hunger. Also, if you are exercising moderately, stop doing so when you start to feel tired. Keep the exercise very light—activities such as walking the dog around the block. 

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...people are asking me why I am smiling so much and I tell them I just lost 38 pounds in 3 weeks...
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Thank you. Lost 22 lbs in 12 days..Hate to stop, but going to Friday when leave for vacation....
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