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When it comes to purchasing a product that will be consumed on a daily basis, it is important to know it's coming from a reputable source. One that is not only telling you that they are providing quality products, but also one that will stand behind their word with a 90-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. In addition to standing behind our product, we have listed a few other important factors below:

  1. FREE UPS Next Day Air Delivery on ALL Orders
  2. Made in an FDA Registered Facility in the USA
  3. The Only, No Questions Asked, 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
  4. If You Are Not Satisfied, We Will Give You a Full Refund and $10
  5. Every Program Comes with a Complete Diet Guide and Recipes
  6. Diet Help for All, Even Non-Customers
  7. One-Time Payment, No Recurring Billing
  8. Made in the USA

100 Guarantee

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Read Shawn's Story about using the Official HCG Diet Plan

"My thoughts on the HCG diet. Well I was 276 pounds and I was strong as a bull, lifting heavy weights several days a week in the gym. But bending over and tying my shoes was even hard because it pushed my big stomach up into my chest and I couldn't breath, I had sleep apnea and was just tired..." Read More

Benefits of the HCG Program:


  • No Costly Frozen Meals
  • Quick and Easy Recipes to Prepare at Home
  • Re-shape and Re-set Your Metabolism

3 Basic Steps to the HCG Diet:

  1. Start with two full days of heavy eating, while taking the HCG drops.
  2. Continue with the drops and an easy to follow food schedule.
  3. Transition to a diet that is suitable for your lifestyle.


Note: A small percentage of users might experience dramatic weight loss in a short period of time, but weight loss can't be guaranteed for all.

The Official Online Store of the HCG Diet Plan

What is the HCG diet? To put it simply, the HCG diet plan applies revolutionary, cutting edge research in the spheres of biology and human physiology, in combination with a scientifically tailored diet, to actually cure obesity. The foundation of the HCG diet plan hinges on the discovery of Human Chorionic Gonadotropal hormone (HCG for short). Back in 1954, researcher and physician Dr. A.T.W. Simeons discovered that the naturally-produced HCG protein hormone directly affects metabolism and fat storage in the human body, and that harnessing the power of this hormone can directly assist dieters in burning the unnecessary and unhealthy fat stored by the body. Originally, HCG treatment required injections, but no longer – today, with the help of the research performed by Dr. Simeons, HCG drops can be placed directly under the tongue and ingested orally on a daily basis rather than intravenously, eliminating the need for expensive office visits. This treatment plan has become widely known as the HCG diet plan.

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Fit for Life with the HCG Diet Plan

Generally, the initiation of the HCG diet plan requires a three-week cycle (sometimes more, sometimes less) of ingesting HCG drops three times per day while sticking to a restricted caloric intake regimen. Later, as the HCG drops begin to directly assist in weight loss, and after the dieter reaches his or her target weight, the HCG diet plan shifts into a maintenance cycle to allow greater caloric intake and reduced HCG drop ingestion.

The tremendous benefit of implementing the HCG diet plan is not only that you can achieve near-unbelievable immediate weight loss, but that the HCG diet plan will help you cultivate new and healthy habits that ensure you will stay fit and keep the weight off for good.

For example, once you start using the HCG drops diet, you are tasked with consuming a minimum of one-half to one gallon of water per day while avoiding refined sugars and starches. These habits are universally recognized throughout the nutritional discipline as crucial keys to staying fit and healthy for life.

Who was Dr. Simeons?

Dr. Simeons was an English endocrinologist who studied medicine at the University of Heidelberg in Germany, where he graduated with honors. Dr. Simeons completed post-graduate studies in Germany and Switzerland, and eventually became a resident of the School of Tropical Medicine, in Hamburg. In 1931, Dr. Simeons moved his practice to India. His studies there would lead him to publish a groundbreaking article on HCG and weight loss in 1952.

The HCG Diet Plan and You

The human body is extremely complex, and physiology varies widely from one person to the next. As such, implementing the HCG diet plan is not a universal solution to all forms of obesity. However, as you can see from our long list of testimonials, the HCG diet plan really does work for the vast majority of our participants.

By blending the sciences of nutrition and endocrinology, and utilizing HCG drops instead of injections, the HCG diet plan is far more accessible and less drastic than most forms of clinical obesity treatment or surgery.

The HCG Challenge

Even with the above disclaimer, we are so confident that the HCG diet plan will work for you, and that you will lose weight in within the first week of the program, we are willing to guarantee your results.

If you're not 100% satisfied with your results after the first week of following the Official HCG Diet Protocol, simply return the program after seven days of use (and within 90 days of purchase), and we will not only refund you in full for the purchase price of the product, we will throw in an additional $10 for your trouble.

You've got nothing to lose except weight. Contact us now, and start losing that weight today!

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Thank you. Lost 22 lbs in 12 days..Hate to stop, but going to Friday when leave for vacation....
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Disclaimer: With any diet or new nutritional regimen, each person will experience different results depending on a variety of individual and environmental factors. No results with this or any other diet can be guaranteed, and the testimonials found on this site represent only the experiences of those individuals, who volunteered their stories for our use. The use of these testimonials does not guarantee any similar results by other HCG dieters.

The Official HCG Diet Plan does not offer any medical advice nor pretend to do so. Our comments and dietary recommendations are all based on the reserach of HCG pioneer Dr. A.T.W Simeons. His seminal work, titled "Pounds and Inches," is given free to each of our customers. Before beginning any diet or undertaking any nutritional regimen, please consult with a qualified health care professional familiar with your situation. Also, please note that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not evaluated HCG or any other products offered on this site, and no claims that any of our products can diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease are being made here.