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What Should I Do If I Cheat on the HCG Diet Plan?


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People on the official HCG diet plan often ask us, "What should I do if I cheat?" Presumably, they mean they caved and pigged out or ate some foods that the HCG diet says to avoid.


First point, well, you're human, so not to worry. You just have to suck it in and go back on the official HCG diet.


Don't be surprised, however, depending on how big you cheated, if you see a temporary weight gain, or even if it causes you to hit a plateau in weight loss for a while. Rest assured that this is only temporary, and the continued use of the HCG diet drops and adherence to the 500-calorie HCG diet plan will get you back on the right track.


Now, if you cheated because you suddenly started feeling hungry again, you may want to increase the frequency of taking your HCG diet drops each day. Some people have even upped the frequency to six or eight times a day. However, if you increase your frequency, make sure to reduce your dosage from ten drops, to six drops, so you are only taking six drops, six times a day, instead of ten drops, three times a day.


Remember that, in addition to taking the official HCG diet drops, you have other steps to take and pitfalls to avoid. Remember to consume one-half to one gallon of water each day, even after you've lost your desired pounds and you're taking a break from the HCG drops. Also remember to avoid starches and refined sugars, again not only during the HCG diet plan but while you're on maintenance.

Your weight will tell you if you've been cheating too much. If you gain weight while on the official HCG diet, go on a day of apples only to get your weight back down and your metabolism reset. Eat medium-sized apples for one full day, but eat them one at a time and only when you feel hungry. You can consume up to six apples on this weight-watch day, but as mentioned, eat only when you're hungry.

Take heart from the HCG Diet testimonies of others who've succeeded on the official HCG diet plan. It really works if you stick through it, even if you cheated somewhere along the way.

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