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What If I Miss a Day of Taking the HCG Diet Drops?


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It might happen at times, perhaps on a short business trip or a visit to friends or relatives, that you might miss a day of taking the HCG diet drops. Is this a problem?

Fundamentally, you shouldn't miss a day either taking the HCG diet drops or sticking to the official HCG diet plan. However, since the HCG drops stay in your system for two days, you can just pick up where you left off the next day, and the HCG will still be working its magic on your hypothalamus and on your metabolism.

As a precaution, however, people on the official HCG diet plan should be careful not to fudge on any of the details and then rationalize it away. Your weight will always tell you if you're fudging on either the HCG drops or the 500-calorie diet. While it's okay to miss a day of HCG drops, if you consistently fudge and put yourself in denial mode, your HCG diet won't work properly for you.

Dr. A.T.W. Simeons wrote in his book Pounds and Inches:

The patient who is fooling himself is the one who has committed some trifling, offense against the 
rules but who has been able to convince himself that this is of no importance and cannot possibly 
account for the gain in weight.

"The patient who is fooling himself is the one who has committed some trifling offense against the rules but who has been able to convince himself that this is of no importance and cannot possibly account for the gain in weight."

So your weight will tell you if, either subconsciously or somewhat deliberatel,y you've been cheating a bit.

Remember, if you do find yourself gaining weight while on the official HCG diet, go on the apple regimen, whereby you eat only appless--up to six medium-sized ones--for an entire day. Eat just enough of them to keep the hunger at bay.

Here's some cogent advice on cheating on the HCG diet if you do gain weight.

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