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Cosmetics Usage on the HCG Diet Plan


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Founder of the HCG diet plan, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, was direct in his view of using cosmetics, especially the oil-based variety, while on the HCG diet plan. He wrote:

No medicines or cosmetics other than lipstick, eyebrow pencil and powder may be used without special permission.

Of course, medicines that your physician prescribes for various conditions must continue to be taken (always check with your doctor when starting a diet), but over-the-counter stuff can easily be avoided. Likewise, though oil-based cosmetics are best avoided on the HCG diet plan, there are substitutes that lack the oily hormones that get into your system and interfere with your HCG diet. You can still lose weight as you adhere to the diet drops and food and calorie restrictions.

In Pounds and Inches, his seminal work explaining the HCG diet plan, Dr. Simeons further explains:

Most women find it hard to believe that fats, oils, creams and ointments applied to the skin are absorbed and interfere with weight reduction by HCG just as if they had been eaten. This almost incredible sensitivity to even such very minor increases in nutritional intake is a peculiar feature of the HCG method. For instance, we find that persons who habitually handle organic fats, such as workers in beauty parlors, masseurs, butchers, etc. never show what we consider a satisfactory loss of weight unless they can avoid fat coming into contact with their skin.

Wow! Does that mean to avoid all cosmetics use? Dr. Simeons recommends finding substitutes: "Many women whose skin has in the course of years become adjusted to the use of fat-containing cosmetics find that their skin gets dry as soon as they stop using them. In such cases we permit the use of plain mineral oil, which has no nutritional value."

However, there is a definite upside to the avoidance of oily cosmetics while on the HCG diet plan. The use of the HCG drops actually restores the youthful complexion and vigor of one's skin, especially on the face where it is most noticeable. Dr. Simeons says to those who worry that dropping cosmetics will ruin their complexion:

They fear that this and the loss of weight will ruin their complexion. They can be fully reassured. Under treatment normal fat is restored to the skin, which rapidly becomes fresh and turgid, making the expression much more youthful. This is a characteristic of the HCG method which is a constant source of wonder to patients who have experienced or seen in others the facial ravages produced by the usual methods of reducing.

So the best case scenario involves using mineral oil instead of facial creams and otherwise finding cosmetics and make-up substances that do not contain oils. The oils that get into your system from the cosmetics during the official HCG diet plan can impede your weight loss, but the end result if you avoid their use will be not only a thinner you but also a more radiant you.

Read the testimonials of those who have used the official HCG diet plan to shed pounds, get healthier, and restory their natural vigor and radiance. You'll be inspired to stick to the restrictions of the HCG diet.


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