Green Coffee Bean Drops (2oz)

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If you are looking for the best weight loss supplement out there, forget about other supplements, and choose our Green Coffee Bean Drops instead. Not only do they work 10% faster than traditional tablets, our drops are also easily assimilated by users, meaning you are going to realize the difference, and benefits, the minute you begin using our product.

The benefits of our Green Coffee Bean Drops:

When ordering Green Coffee Bean Drops, you want to order from a trusted company and one that sells all natural drops. We not only produce here in the US, but our drops are produced in FDA registered facilities, meaning they only contain natural ingredients eliminating any fillers or byproducts that others may include in their mix.

We guarantee several benefits for those who incorporate our Green Coffee Bean Drops in to their diet regime. Some of these are:

  • Promotes natural weight loss by naturally speeding up the metabolism. Your body will be burning more and working harder, even if you aren't. 
  • Helps with appetite control. You won't feel hungry as often, you will feel fuller longer, meaning you are naturally going to eat less. 
  • There is no secret to using this product. Simply use the drops as directed, follow your regular diet regime, and watch the pounds come off.

Why our Green Coffee Bean Drops work:

Our drops are rich in Chlorogenic Acid. This is what supports healthy after-meal glucose levels, which are known to help reduce your waistline. When coffee beans are processed, only caffeine remains and this acid is removed; for this reason, traditional coffee beans won't work to help you lose weight as Green Coffee Bean Drops will. Further, our drops contain the highest levels possible of the Chlorogenic Acid, meaning you are going to start dropping weight in less time.

Why order with us?

We are a company that is based in the US. We do not ship out or work outside the US. All our products are made here, in certified labs, and in FDA registered labs. This means we follow exacting standards in production and do not include fillers or byproducts when we are producing our drops.

We also provide:

  • Free same-day shipping to all customers on orders placed prior to 4 PM MST. 
  • We offer diet support to customers, as well as non customers who call in for help. 
  • We offer the only 90 day no question asked return policy in the industry. 
  • We pay you $10 if you send the product back and did not realize the results you wanted to see. 
  • We will never scam auto bill or refill an order.

We stand behind our products, and provide you the best guarantees, so you can trust us when ordering your Green Coffee Bean Drops.

Product Reviews

  • love this store a lot

    Posted by on 20th Apr 2015

    i love this store. going to keep buying your items because they work.

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