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Gorging Smartly During Phase 1

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We have already touched on the subject of the loading days (Phase 1) and what should be eaten. Many people wonder why loading days are even a part of the HCG diet. It seems like it would counterproductive, doesn’t it? But it’s actually a very important part of the HCG protocol.

See, there are 3 kinds of fat. One is excess fat, the other is fat that has been stored long-term, and the third is called structural fat. This fat is vital, and it pads organs and protects arteries. You shouldn’t lose this fat!

That’s why there’s loading days. Loading days help to store up fat to use in the event that your structural fat starts to burn. That’s why you need to gorge smartly. It’s tempting to think about stuffing your face with hamburgers, French fries, and pizza for 2 days.

You can eat those foods, of course, but you need to eat things with good fats as well. That includes things that naturally have a high fat content. Avocados, nuts, and olive oil are good examples. Look for the words “monounsaturated” and “polyunsaturated” when it comes to food labels. Those kinds of fats will help you through the entire HCG diet protocol. 

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