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Drinking Wine on the HCG Diet Plan

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While stereotypically drinking beer might equate to a night out with the boys or enjoying a sporting event in person or among friends in front of a TV, nothing says fine dining more than drinking wine with a meal.

But let's face it, you're not really doing fine dining on the official HCG diet plan. Your diet is restricted, and fine dining usually includes lots of starches such as bread, potatoes and the like and often sweets too, whether a dessert or palate cleansers such as sorbets. So as you do away with starches and sweets, you may as well banish the thought of drinking wine with a meal.

Like other alcoholic beverages, unless sweetened, wine is of coursre mostly empty calories and doesn't fall into the starches and sweets categories, but it is still calorie-laden and could easily reverse your weight loss.

You don't have to take our word for it. You're free to give it a try—pour yourself a glass of wine to accompany one of our protein-based HCG diet recipes. If when you take your weight the next morning (as you must do on the HCG diet plan) and you haven't lost weight—or worse, you gained weight—then you've just run a successful experiment, telling you to can the wine drinking until you've reached your ideal weight.

There's another aspect. It may be that you're experiencing hunger, so your thoughts turn to alcohol, or sweets, as the founder of the HCG diet, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons observed in his studies: "sweets, pastries and alcohol will most rapidly of all foods allay the pangs of hunger."

(If you do suddenly find yourself getting excessively hungry on the official HCG diet plan, please read on article on "How to Deal With Hunger and Cravings.")

So, our advice to you, as you start your official 21-day HCG diet plan, or other approach such as the couples HCG diet plan, follow the rules strictly, and you'll get to your weight-loss goal the most rapidly.

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