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Drinking Beer on the HCG Diet Plan

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It's not unnatural to want a beer now and again. It matches well with protein dishes and is refreshing on a hot day. Plus, you may find yourself at a sporting event where beer is flowing freely. But can you, or should you, drink beer on the HCG diet plan?

There are a couple of answers to this. One is: Go ahead and try it and see what happens. The other is based on experience: No, beer represents mostly empty calories, and it will probably set you back on your diet, if not lead to a weight gain, especially if the beer gives you the urge for more suds or more food.

The founder of the HCG diet, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, observed of both alcoholic beverages and sweets that they were a quick fix for hunger. As we quoted him in another article on alcohol in general, Dr. Simeons observed that "sweets, pastries and alcohol will most rapidly of all foods allay the pangs of hunger."

In his book Pounds and Inches, Dr. Simeons offered the results of his studies of social and heavy drinkers who undertake the HCG diet:

Obese heavy drinkers, even those bordering on alcoholism, often do surprisingly well under HCG and it is exceptional for them to take a drink while under treatment. When they do, they find that a relatively small quantity of alcohol produces intoxication. Such patients say that they do not feel the need to drink This may in part be due to the euphoria which the treatment produces and in part to the complete absence of the need for quick sustenance from which most obese patients suffer.

So, you see that most people on the HCG diet plan lose their appetite for beer and alcoholic beverages, and when they do indulge, even the smallest amount will lead to intoxication.

If you're on the diet already, you probably know the answer, but if you're just starting off on the traditional 21-Day HCG Diet Plan, you'll find it in your best interests (if you want to lose weight rapidly) not to consume beer, but hold that appetizing thought off until you've got your weight under control and your metabolic system back on track through having taken the HCG diet drops.

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