Can I Eat 500 Calories a Day of Anything I Want?

31st Aug 2011

People ask us this question all the time. “Why do I have to only eat certain foods? Why can’t I just eat 500 calories a day of whatever I want on the HCG diet drops?” Well think about this: if you ate 500 calories a day of hamburgers, would you get to eat very much? Probably not. If you ate 500 calories of doughnuts, you’d get about 2.2 donuts. Not only would you be starving, but your blood sugar would spike, then plummet, making you feel incredibly ill. The HCG diet protocol is there for a reason. The first is because it works. The second is because it provides your body with adequate nutrition, even though your caloric intake will be quite low. Follow the protocol and you’ll feel good while losing weight. 

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